Strategic Intellectual Property Management

Specialising in UK-based Life Science SMEs planning to profit from US markets

Biotech companies can maximise profits through effective IP management that is aligned with their market(s) and that fits their strategy. The most profitable market, the United States, should get top priority. But competitive advantage will soon be copied by competitors unless protected by the USPTO or maintained as a trade secret.

If your company is an Innovation Driven Enterprise (IDE), ie a “tech company”, IP defines your business, determines your market and is the foundation of your competitive advantage. It is also deeply involved in developing your business model(s), planning your entry into another country, generating new products and lines, and estimating future revenues. A clear understanding of the relevant IP is required for most decisions about licensing (licencing), manufacturing, imports/exports, collaborations and alliances. These reasons and more are why IP management should be strategic.

Intellectual Property (IP) management is usually an afterthought in Small or Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Reactive instead of proactive. Wishful instead of watchful. IP is usually poorly managed and rarely strategic, so it is not surprising that it can waste money, miss opportunities and risk IP.

Synapses has years of experience -

  • protecting IP through trade secrets and patents prosecuted through the USPTO
  • providing Freedom to Operate (FtO), by working around US patents and in-licensing the others
  • marketing and selling biotech products and services in the US
  • preparing and refreshing business plans for start ups and SMEs in the UK
  • preparing applications, directing prosecution and managing patents
  • launching biotech start-ups and applying for grants in the UK

Synapses has the knowledge, experience and connections to help you arrive, survive and thrive in the United States.

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