Who is Synapses?

Hi, I'm Jamie Love, the founder of Synapses.

My team is a network of experts that I can call upon as necessary, but I'm the guy that helps small biotechs come alive, survive and thrive.

Born in the USA, I moved to Scotland in 1990 to do a post-doc. I saw commercial potential in my research so, over the next two years in my spare time, I earned an MBA and wrote business plans, but, sadly, it never go off the ground. If only I had known then, what I know now!

About a month after the university awarded me a permanent post, my British wife was offered an exciting job at a start-up near San Francisco! I resigned from the university and returned to the States where I discovered that my MBA and PhD carried a lot of clout.

During my eight years in the Bay Area, I held senior posts in three biotech companies in Business & Corporate Development and Marketing while gaining increasing responsibilities in Intellectual Property Management.

I worked with world class biotech patent lawyers to submit our patent applications to the USPTO, respond to Office Actions and represent our company during infringement proceedings.

I discovered that the Descriptions in patent applications are a rich source of technical and competitive information that can help a company's research and strategy.
I also learned the "legalese of claims" - how to write them and rewrite them to avoid Prior Art while maintaining the broadest coverage, and how to argue with Examiners that our claims were unique and not obvious. I gained enough knowledge about the process that I submitted a patent application "pro se" (without a layer, as a co-inventor) and studied to become a USPTO certified patent agent.

A large patent law firm hired me to conduct Prior Art searches and write opinions on patentability for WIPO applications (outsourced from the USPTO).

In 2008 I returned to Scotland and co-founded a biotech company. As Managing Director, I negotiated our IP portfolio and wrote a business plan that encouraged a biotech company to provide some seed money - then nearly doubled that money with grants. Subsequent business plans and grants landed enough cash to hire the inventor of the technology and turn her invention into products. With the interesting work done, I handed over the reigns to a CEO. As Chief Operations Officer I continue to manage the IP and grants for the company, but my reduced responsibilities now allow me time to help other start-ups.

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