Who is Synapses?

Hi, I'm Jamie Love, the founder of Synapses.

I was born in the USA but moved to Scotland in 1990 to do a post-doc. I saw commercial potential in my research so, over the next two years in my spare time, I earned an MBA and wrote business plans, but, sadly, it never got off the ground.
If only I had known then, what I know now.

About a month after the university awarded me a permanent post, my British wife was offered an exciting job at a start-up near San Francisco! I resigned from the university and returned to the States where I discovered that my MBA and PhD fit well in Intellectual Property.

I worked with world class biotech patent lawyers to submit our patent applications to the USPTO, respond to Office Actions and represent our company during infringement proceedings.

I gained enough knowledge about the process that I submitted a patent application "pro se" (without a layer, as a co-inventor) and studied to become a USPTO certified patent agent.

A large patent law firm hired me to conduct Prior Art searches and write opinions on patentability for WIPO applications (outsourced from the USPTO).

In 2008 I returned to Scotland and co-founded a biotech company. As Managing Director, I negotiated our IP portfolio and wrote a business plan that encouraged an investor to provide some seed money - then nearly doubled that money with grants. With the interesting work done, I handed over the reigns to a CEO. As Chief Operations Officer I continued to manage the IP and grants for the company, but my reduced responsibilities now allow me time to help other start-ups.
So, I became the CEO of a spin-out from the local university. Wrote the business plan(s), in-licensed the IP needed and applied for grants.

Currently, I work at the University of Edinburgh, helping Masters and PhD students from half a dozen local universities to start up their own companies. It's a great job. I'm not a CEO any more - I'm a "CEO helper", to an endless stream of energetic, creative and brilliant young inventors. The top three start-ups I'm working on now focus on a treatment for Dengue fever, a robotic assistant to aid stroke rehabilitation and a novel wave energy gadget that more efficiently extracts electricity from the energy in ocean waves. (Yes, I've expanded beyond biotechnology.)

    In this post, and other posts I've held, three things occupy my time - three things I've been doing well for over a decade;
  • Writing business plans: some need only a little bit of guidance but most clients ask me to start with a blank canvas.
  • Sorting the IP: I protect their IP, conduct Freedom to Operate analysis and help them in-license what they need.
  • Applying for grants: depending upon needs, my clients may take the lead on this or hand all the responsibilties over to me.

Synapses has the knowledge, experience and connections to help you arrive, survive and thrive in the United States.

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