Linking UK Companies With The US Market

Intellectual Property Management and Business Planning
for UK Life Science Companies to Profit from US Markets

Biotech companies can maximise profits through effective IP management that is aligned with their market(s) and that fits their strategy.

The most profitable market, the United States, should get top priority.
But America will remain a distant shore unless you avoid or license US patents. And your competitive advantage will soon be copied by your competitors unless you protect it as a trade secret or as a patent granted by the USPTO.

The high profit margins that biotech companies enjoy, and that are critical to your plans, will be out of reach if you cannot compete in the marketplace.
But markets for biotechnology products and services are fragmented, dynamic and specialised, so effective market research must be focused squarely on what you offer, be timely, and conducted by someone who understands the scientific details of your offerings.

Those high profit margins are mostly the result of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) - trade secrets and patents.
Trade secrets are protected, for the most part, by state (not federal) laws. Patent rights are protected under US federal law, are complicated and powerful, so should be managed by someone who fully understands US patents, your technology and your business strategy.

  • offers its scientific expertise and thorough understanding of US claim interpretation, to work around US patents that stand in the way. Barring that,
  • collects background information about the Assignee, market prices, etc. and produces negotiation plans. Synapses has a very successful track record in-licensing and can conduct the negotiations on your behalf.
  • helps create a meaningful trade secrets strategy in line with US employment law and tailored to the laws of the state(s) where most needed.
  • submits and prosecutes patent applications with the USPTO for less than you are likely to pay a UK law firm.

    You need advice, plans, connections and budgets that span the Atlantic because
  1. the USA is the best market for biotechnology, so your IP, Marketing and Sales strategies should target the US -
    it's where you make most of your money.
  2. the UK is the home to your staff, lab(s), production and decisions, so Operations and Budget must be UK based -
    it's where you spend most of your money.

Synapses has years of experience -
  • marketing and selling biotech products and services in the US
  • protecting IP through trade secrets or patents prosecuted through the USPTO
  • providing Freedom to Operate (FtO), by working around US patents and in-licensing the others
  • recruiting. choosing, hiring and managing US-based sales representatives
  • preparing and refreshing business plans for start ups in the UK
  • preparing applications and managing grants (over 500K of support from SE & TSB for one company)
  • finding lab and office accomodations, arranging utilities, purchasing initial lab equipment, chemicals and furniture
  • assuring the company also has FtO in the UK and protecting its own IP in the UK
  • Synapses has the knowledge, experience and connections to help you
    arrive, survive and thrive in the United States.

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